ZoneEdit goes titsup & takes offline

· by Steve · Read in about 1 min · (211 Words)

I switched the Ogre DNS to ZoneEdit a while ago because I’d been getting some resilience problems with the servers provided by my registrar. I also paid (ZoneEdit is free for the basic service) to have an extra server so that we had 3 DNS servers pointing at, all in different continents. I thought that would be enough.

Today, however, and all went offline at the same time. This is almost unheard of, with 3 nameservers supposed to give you a 99.998% uptime over a year. I guess we’re somewhere inside the 17.52 hours of ‘acceptable’ downtime for such a setup. Perhaps I should get a 4th nameserver to improve it to 99.9999% (as claimed on their site). It appears that some of the other servers are still running (ns1, ns4, ns16 for example) so had we been on one of those we would have been ok. Gah.

Apologies for the outage, I hope they get their act together soon. I’ve asked the registrar to add their own (unreliable) name servers in as backup for now but the update will take a while. In the meantime you can access the OGRE website at .

** 17:40 GMT it appears to have recovered now, fingers crossed. **