Wii arrives, although minus a few bits

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (400 Words)

So, it was finally my own personal Wii-E day today. When I got back from a doctors appointment this morning, the green light on my answering machine blinking excitedly at me, as if it shouting ‘guess what, guess what?’. The local specialist non-chain games shop had let me down with my original pre-order so I’d placed another one with Woolies, where a friend had pre-ordered a couple of weeks after me originally and still got one before xmas, much to my annoyance. Sure enough they got a new batch in today.

So we popped in at lunchtime and picked it up. Accessories & the popular games are still ridiculously hard to find anywhere (online or RL) and I’d only ordered the console from Woolies though, rather than any extra bits and pieces so for now I’m without an extra controller (Wii Play) and Zelda, since they’re both out of stock everywhere in the universe it seems. They’re still on pre-order with the other shop, although my faith in them is certainly not high (they were ‘closed for lunch’ when we did the rounds today looking for accessories - how great is that) so I’ll be keeping an eye online. For now we’ll make do with just Wii Sports and Monkeyball with a single controller. Luckily Amazon just got in some new component cables today (another accessory that’s been like gold dust) so one of those should be on the way to me soon and I’ll only have to suffer the out-of-the-box interlaced analogue output for a few days.

The rest of lunch was basically setting it up, getting it connected to the wireless (the Wii comes with a built-in receiver), then waiting for the software updates to download. Remember when consoles didn’t have patches? Ahh, them was the days, even if we did have to eat coal for breakfast.

No doubt Marie and I will have fun with this one this evening, it’s just unfortunate we only have a single controller for now. Once everything comes together and they start getting some more stock out there it’ll be much better. It’s bonkers just how hard it is to buy anything associated with the Wii, except for the shovelware games like Over the Hedge and Happy Feet. Component cables were going on eBay for over a hundred quid not that long ago, and the console itself for £4-500 before xmas. Insanity.