Five things you didn't know

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Darn, Damien has tagged me with one of those chain-blogging things that I can’t possibly ignore, save my online credibility be called into question. This one is dubbed ‘Five things you didn’t know about me’.

Now, it’s of course really tempting to make stuff up. After all, if the whole point is that you didn’t know already, then given that you’re almost certainly halfway across the globe from me, and thus concrete verification is slim possibility, I can arguably get away with anything. 😀But I guess that defeats the object - just take it as read that I wanted to say I’m a masked crime-fighter / international playboy.

  1. My first school-holiday job was stacking shelves in a supermarket, and I got so bored I was messing around with a knife (to slit the warehouse packaging) and I accidentally pierced a pack of beer. Due to extreme pinhole pressure, it proceeded to hose me down with special brew. It woke me up, that’s for sure, and I don’t know what my Mum though when I came home reeking of beer.
  2. I trained as an accountant early in my working life, including doing the professional exams. It seemed like a good idea at the time due to the large number of financial positions over here, and it hadn’t yet occurred to me that someone would actually pay me to hack about with computers. In the end, I realised it bored me to tears and escaped.
  3. Mensa say my IQ is 155, but after doing the test for fun I realised I was rather skeptical about the relevance of the whole thing, and the elitism jarred with my (marginally socialist) personality, so I never joined.
  4. For some reason I very regularly get mistaken for a local when I’m on holiday, especially in Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Italy and Turkey (in the latter a tour guide incredulously asked me why I was paying the tourist price for a river crossing, at least that’s what she said after she realised the truth and translated). Even in Boston tourists kept stopping me to ask me for directions. Perhaps I exude some kind of ‘local person’ aura, and I should have been a spy.
  5. My secret ambition is to discover a new colour.

So there you go, more random noise for the blogosphere, as if it needed it. 😉