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Sorry for the downtime of the site, and any bounced mails you might have had from my personal domain over the weekend. This domain’s contact email, unlike all the other domains I administer, was set to the old webmail account I used when I set it up, which I don’t check very often, and so I missed the renewal reminders. Dumb mistake, especially since this happened a few years back too and I thought I’d altered it, but obviously not. Muppet.

It’s all sorted now, DNS records should be dribbling back across the net as we speak. I already diverted my and email so those will still work.

This pretty much topped off my fairly naff weekend - I picked up a bug of some sort on Friday and that lasted throughout, still feel a bit dodgy now but certainly a lot better. I also had to catch a couple of mice that the have emerged from hibernation early due to the odd weather lately, that the cats captured and then let run free to hide in the house - thanks mates. Whilst taking one down to the bottom of the garden to release it (I personally like all animals, including mice, I just don’t want them in the house particularly), I also discovered that we’ve had several sections of fence flattened at the bottom of the garden (couldn’t see it from the house) by the recent storms, so I have to sort that out too. Which will involve lots of digging out snapped fence posts, which is great for my dodgy back of course. None of these things are in the remotest bit major, just kind of annoying. So, in summary - gah.