Stay on target!

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It’s coming.

Eihort, that is. I’ve been working on pretty much nothing else since just before Christmas and the items on the TODO are, one by one, getting ticked off. Annoying gotchas with the texture shadow enhancements delayed me for a bit but the going is smoother now.

I have a hard deadline of the end of the week to finish the majority of the new code. That’s because for the 3-4 weeks after that I have commitments to third parties and thus any OGRE work will have to be done around that. It’s doable but tight.

Today I finished off the official static linking support, so there’s a clear, supported way to embed Ogre and any plugins you want statically into a single executable. I added a page to the wiki to explain how you go about using that in your applications - I’ve proved that this works, and indeed the resulting binary is a about 25% smaller than the separate dynamic linked version. The cost is that your own list of linker inputs becomes a little larger - how much depends on which plugins you choose to pull into your exe.

I have maybe 2 more significant things to try to knock on the head this week, and then that’s it for feature adds. There are some smaller things I wouldn’t mind tweaking, a few lower priority bugs to look into, and a few synchronisation issues between the platforms but any remaining can be tackled post-RC1 if necessary.

Other random things - I’m updating to XSI 6 now since a couple of people have reported that the XSI 5.11 exporter doesn’t work with it right now, hopefully I should get a new license through for that soon. I’m also trying to find time to begin configuring our new server beast which has been delivered and is waiting to take over the job of hosting the domain - I’m not rushing this though since it’s RHEL which I’m not very familiar with yet. In particular I’d rather stick to ‘standard’ RHEL ways where possible and not fly off doing things how I’ve done them in Debian. That plus my limited time means it won’t be taking over the reigns just yet, I will probably wait until nearer 1.4.0 Final to make the switch.