Chartered IT Professional (CITP)

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BCSI just got a phone call from the British Computer Society, of which I’ve been a member for quite a while now, to let me know that I’m now a Chartered IT Professional (CITP). Nice.

I’m a strong believer in professional and ethical standards, something I hope permeates all my work, even my previously spare-time work on Ogre, and I originally joined the BCS because of that - after all accountants and lawyers have professional bodies, why should IT be any different? Whilst being on a small island, exposure to the more interesting conferences etc is limited, the principle of IT as a profession rather than just something ‘those techies play about with’, is very important I think - for those inside and outside the field.

Anyway, given that I’m now a ‘free agent’ so to speak, I decided to apply for the CITP accreditation late last year, since I’ve been in IT for quite a while now, and have had a few fairly senior roles - I figured it couldn’t hurt to try to qualify for something that recognised that. I’m sure the majority of my clients won’t give a monkeys what letters are appended to my name, since they’ll be familiar with me and my work anyway, but to some it might make a difference - and it’s a reminder to me to keep those professional standards in mind at all times, even when I’m making a living doing things that are just so much goddam fun. 😀

Marie recently became a fellow of her professional association and so had new letters for her name too, so to an outsider it might seem like we’re competing, but it’s really just a coincidence of timing 😀

Update: It’s just occurred to me that people outside the UK might not have come across the concept of ‘Chartered Blah’ before, given that it’s quite a specific British concept. Almost all professional associations in the UK operate under Royal Charter which legitimises the whole thing and recognises it as ‘the’ organisation for a specific profession. And they get a royal crest, which is nice. And a piece of paper authorised by the Queen whose Majesty is apparantly Excellent. Any pop-culture fans can of course shout ‘Dude!’ at this juncture. 😀Now that I’m recognised under this agreement, I’m guessing it means I can drop by Buck Palace any time I want for a cup of tea, right Liz? 😀