OGRE Levelled Up!

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (284 Words)

It’s done. About a year since we started planning it, Eihort (Ogre 1.4) has had it’s first public release - Release Candidate 1 in fact. The usual slew of last-minute issues raised their ugly heads but it’s out there. A few OSX updates didn’t make it in and will have to be delayed until RC2 but otherwise we’re there. I’m knackered - it’s been non-stop all weekend to get everything sewn up (heavily populated with disapproving ‘you’re still on that damn computer’ glances from my wife, whom I’ll have to make it up to), so I hope that everyone involved in making this possible will join me in sitting back and having a cold one - we deserved it 😀

I expect Eihort to stay in RC status for about a month, with another RC half way through that, then we should be ready to go for a final in early March. At that point I plan to switch over to the new Ogre web server and do lots of publicity - after all, I haven’t done any at all for ages (since Dagon was originally released I think, back in March 2006), mostly because I don’t have to. We get well over 30,000 downloads a month with no publicity after all 😀But, a major release deserves a media push and by then we should have the server resources to cope with it. It’s also at that stage that I’ll release details of the alternative license that will be made available in parallel with the LGPL for Eihort for those that want to pursue it.

Right now though, I’m going to have one evening of leisure before the grind starts again on Monday 😀