Busy week

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Well, it’s longer than usual between blog posts, but that’s because I’ve been pretty darn busy. During the day I’ve been taming Houdini most of the week again, via a combination of sweet-talking and blunt trauma. God, it’s a beautiful tool for the user, but lift the hood and you find within a veritable labyrinth of unsignposted corridors, dead ends, fake doors and hidden pit traps. The enormous flexibility and abstraction that works so well for the end-user makes extracting the relevant data and figuring out the internal relationships somewhat challenging to say the least, more so when documentation is almost non-existent, and where it does exist, it’s often inaccurate. Fun? Oddly still yes, because playing with it from the user end is still enjoyable, but boy it’s frustrating to see time just slipping away while you bash your head against the same pillar over and over. Still, I’m within spitting distance of exporting skeletal animation from it now (meshes were solid last week), finally, and intend to finish that off soon.

I’m still waiting for my XSI 6 license which I’ve been requesting for a little while but seems to have gone astray, but I’ve got the SDK installed and built a new installer for XSI 6 users anyway, and I’m told it works. I have a couple of minor bugfixes to do on that exporter too but I’ll wait until I can test them myself. I’m becoming a dab hand at this exporter lark by now, and to return to the sweet, fully documented arms of the XSI SDK will be rather welcome 😉

The majority of the rest of my time has been spent dealing with the fallout from the Eihort release candidate on Sunday. A few bugfixes here, some advice on upgrading there. We also seem to have been strangely inundated with more OSX users than I’ve seen in ages - typical really since OSX wasn’t completely solid for RC1. It’s almost there now, thanks to a collaboration on the forums from OSX users new and old. Plus, a number of people have offered to help improve the demo media a bit too, which is excellent since I never get time. The Fresnel demo now looks like this:

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I’m off on a business trip for a fair portion of next week so I’m guessing it’s not going to get any less busy. Ah well.