Man vs virus

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VirusI hate getting flu whilst travelling - it last happened to me on the way back from Canada a couple of years ago, which wasn’t fun. Due to the awkwardness of living on an island with limited air links, my trip back yesterday required a connecting flight and a 4-hour stopover in one of the country’s dullest airports (Exeter). Unfortunately that morning I started to come down with really bad flu symptoms so it hasn’t been the most fun of journeys (not that it was really fixing to be anyway). It’s so enjoyable to sit shivering in an airport for several hours having just bought up the entire supply of travel tissues from the only shop they have. Weirdly my symptoms would seem to get a little better at the highest point of the flight, and get worse again as we descended - I guess the lowered pressure must help the sinuses somehow. Oh, and at least it meant other travellers gave me a bit more personal space than normal 😀

Anyhow, I guess I should be grateful this kicked in on the way back rather than on the way over - I had spent a couple of days doing presentations which would have been hell with these symptoms. After being mostly a zombie yesterday and spending half the day in bed today taking the strongest non-prescription wonders our bathroom cabinet has to offer, I’m starting to get over it. At least, the sensation of having a small walrus perched on my chest pumping inflatable sherbet rings up my nose has largely gone, which can be considered a positive step. Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be thinking straight enough to get back to some semblence of normality.