OGRE on CNN with MIT 'Seeing Machine'

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Hey, this is pretty cool. Again it came up on the OGRE forums - CNN were running a report on a ‘Seeing Machine’ designed to help people with impaired vision, and it turns out that at least some of the software they’re running is using OGRE - most obviously the ‘virtual gallery’ although I’ve spotted the tell-tale OGRE debug panel on some other shots too. There’s some more detail on this project, together with videos showing more of OGRE on MIT’s website.

Being on TV is great of course, although it’s not the first time since I know of 2 games (here and here) using OGRE at least that were delivered through the TV. But the thing I love the most is seeing OGRE used for projects that really _mean ****_something. Games are great and all; I of course like playing them and am still something of a gaming geek despite growing up (a bit), and I’m always interested in gaming tech. But OGRE being involved, however peripherally, in a project that helps people see again? No contest really.

Thanks go to ‘yuriythebest’ for finding this one.