My new bodyguard, Kaspersky

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As names go, it wouldn’t be a bad one for a bodyguard, given that it might conjure the image of a 7ft wall of meat from the former Eastern Bloc.

I had to change the virus software on my main machine this week - or rather my Norton subscription had expired and since I’d become aware for a while that it has had a significant fall from grace in recent years I went looking for something else. In fact I did this about 8 months ago (IIRC) with my laptop and at that time switched to Bitdefender 9, which had top reviews at the time - however Bitdefender 10 seems to have lost the plot somewhat so I went looking again. This machine only stayed on Norton for so long because I had a long subscription as part of an upgrade deal a long while back.

The free version of AVG certainly tempted me, but clearly its engine is not the absolute best one out there, although it’s certainly not shabby - it beat both of the old giants Norton and McAffee in the tests I read, which shows just how far they have fallen. To be honest though, for the sake of £25 I’d rather just buy the best that’s out there rather than go for the second-best free option, simply because of the amount of junk mail I get - for a less conspicuous online target I think I’d highly recommend AVG for most purposes.

Reviews both online and in print seemed to point to either Kaspersky or NOD32 as the scanners to trust in 2007, so I’ve grabbed the 30-day trial version of Kaspersky since NOD32 is aparrantly not very friendly, and whilst I could probably deal with that, since the two were pretty much on a par I figured I’d go for the friendlier one. So far, no complaints. The scanner is definitely pretty fast, even chomping through all the crap I’ve got lying about on my hard drives, and it comes with a really good range of customisation options for those of use that need to tune certain things (like build folders, and not monitoring certain trusted network traffic). It’s nice and unobtrusive, which is what you want really. There’s a while to run on the trial yet so I’ll see how it pans out.