New site live, and I hate Opera

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (218 Words)

The new Ogre site is finally live on the new server and bearing up well. That’s the good news - the bad news is that Opera is yanking my chain.

I used to hate IE6. I still do, actually, but at least I generally know how to address it’s foibles and that people are moving away from it. Opera, however, occupies the unique position of being regularly updated but still interpreting CSS layout styles differently to every other modern browser. I tested the new site in Opera a few times but clearly something recent must have broken it, so now I’m at the stage where the layout works in IE6, IE7 and Firefox but not Opera 9.1. Sigh.

Generally I’ve found whatever works in FF works in IE7 and vice versa now. This is a very good thing indeed. If only Opera could get their bloody act together.

So here we go with yet another round of hacking about trying to discover the foibles of one particular browser that only 5.8% of our community uses. Sigh.

Edit: Ok, crisis and rant over, Opera works again now. Only a couple of additions required to be more explicit about the sizing of a couple of recently added containers which all other browsers seemed able to infer but Opera curiously couldn’t.