Interesting early Ogre demographics

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I only started analysing web traffic on the Ogre site by country properly since the server move yesterday, using the free version of Maxmind’s IP-to-country lookup GeoLite. Whilst not quite as accurate or as detailed (ie you don’t get City locations) as their commercial offerings, it claims 98% reliability for countries which is good enough for me. I’ve used simple IP range lookups before (e.g. to automatically redirect book links to or but Maxminds integrates easily with awstats and the results seem very good.

It’s been a little less than 24 hours but the results are already quite interesting (for info this is based on a sample of about 500,000 hits with the results fed through OpenOffice Calc):

Unsurprisingly the US comes out on top as the most prevalent individual country (cue chants of You-Ess-Ay, You-Ess-Ay etc).  Germany is close behind, which didn’t surprise me either having seen quite a lot of German companies using Ogre. That the UK came 3rd was actually a surprise to me - I don’t personally know of that many people in the UK using Ogre (something that’s always been a disappointment); the majority of my commercial contacts come from the US or mainland Europe and british people do seem to be in a minority in the community at large, but clearly there’s quite a lot of people from the UK accessing the site -maybe they’re just laying low :). The range is also quite impressive - that sizeable ‘Other’ chunk includes places like Kazakhstan, Guatemala, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Cuba, Nicaragua, Lebanon and tons of others.

Despite the USA winning the solo race, when you analyse things by world region the picture is quite clearly biased towards western europe, with almost 50% of the traffic coming from there. The potential good news for European users is that the server is now closer to them than it was before, having moved from Texas, USA to Reading, UK - although in practice both servers are on networks with good cross-continent links so there probably won’t be much appreciable difference.

Oh, and congrats to Brazil for being seemingly our largest user base outside Europe & North America, just sneaking into the top 10! Funnily enough our very first featured project was a Brazilian one quite a few years back, if you remember…

These are just early results anyway although likely to be broadly indicative. I’ll have to run the analysis again in a month to see the averages.