Google Summer of Code - it's so ON (again)

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (360 Words)

You already know this if you frequent the OGRE site, but we got accepted for the Google Summer of Code again this year, which is awesome. I know from experience that it’s a fair amount of work, especially around the ‘pinch points’ like the application process and milestones, but it’s really worth it.  I only realised this morning that today was decision day for the organisations so had to rush around updating some documentation and reading up on this year’s procedures. That plus the forums and organising a few other bits and bobs from the community and most of my day seems to have flown away - I think I’ll have to risk my wife’s wrath and carry on into the evening again so I can get some coding done 😉

The other distraction is that I’ve agreed to do some reviewing on a new edition of a very popular C++ book, which will have a new chapter featuring OGRE when it comes out. I won’t give any more details yet since it’s still under wraps, but it came out of nowhere. I couldn’t say no to that even though it’s something else I have to try to fit in now 😀

I’m finding often that my day disappears through lots of little things. It kinda makes you feel like you haven’t achieved much, but when you look back you can see where the time went, it just got fragmented into itty bitty pieces instead of larger chunks of work. The forum is terrible for that - I make sure I check it regularly but boy does it suck time. It’s also the reason I’m an infrequent IRC visitor now (something that’s regularly commented on when I do go on) - but it’s really because, much as I enjoy the interaction, it’s another distraction and I’d rather not be on than to end up ignoring people when I’m on. This is the difference when running a large open source project - a ton of your time goes into support, organisation and such and not the coding. Guess I just need to manage my time better - less blogging perhaps 😉