Dentistry - again

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So, I had the first of what was to be 2 dentist appointments this week, to try to sort out some lingering problems detected on X-Ray of some impacted wisdom teeth I had removed a while ago. It was pretty uncomfortable, even though they shot me full of so much anaesthetic that my jaw didn’t come around for over 4 hours and I was forced to walk around town trying not to look like a stroke victim. The core problem was that whilst the teeth looked fine, behind it and underneath the gum the impaction of the wisdom teeth had left some decay. Bummer. She was nice enough to tell me that it wasn’t my fault, and that my teeth were clearly very clean, but the problem was somewhere I couldn’t see or have ever hoped to get to. I guess I should just have had thorough checkups more often, although I had been several times since I had the teeth removed, but regular X-Rays were only introduced relatively recently - I remember having to go to the radiology department to get them done when I had my widsom teeth, now it’s all built in to their hi-tech dentist chairs.

So, they sorted one out (and it feels really weird now that a segment at the back of the tooth is fake) but it was so awkward that the dentist basically told me it wasn’t worth trying to do the other one, which looked worse on the X-Ray, because she was fairly certain it wouldn’t be a viable repair. See, to get to it they have to drill down through a perfectly good part of the tooth to get at the back / underneath which is where the problem is. She thinks that given that this one was almost not doable, the other one is a write-off. Which means that if it starts giving me any problems (which to be fair, neither actually have so far), it’ll have to come out.

So, that put a downer on my day - I’d thought this week was going to suck somewhat but at least I’d get it over with, but it appears not. Hopefully the other tooth won’t start giving me gyp any time soon because it works perfectly well and I’d prefer not to have it whipped out, but I guess it’s just a matter of time. 🙁

Come on, it’s been 40 years since Dr McCoy had one of those tweeting, rotating-light things that fixed anything up with a vague wave of the wrist, why aren’t we there yet? 😉

As usual after a deep filling, and I’ve only really got one other one of those, the tooth actually feels worse than it did when I went in (it didn’t hurt before!), making it hard to concentrate today. Hopefully it’ll feel a bit better tomorrow since my TODO is merciless.