Brace for impact

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Whilst I was transferring data across from the old OGRE server, I made a point of making sure I archived all the old stats for future reference. I also pulled out the download stats from Sourceforge to get a complete picture. They all pretty much show the same trends, and that leads me to believe that despite the fact that the new server is coping with the traffic load extremely well, even to the extent that I might have over specified it,  the growth room is definitely needed.

For example, I’ve mentioned before that I haven’t done any major publicity for OGRE for a while. In fact the last time was early 2005 when OGRE 1.0 came out - and look what happened:

Our downloads (and all the other stats) went absolutely mental (other stats followed the same trend). We’d tried to prepare for this by moving our hosting off Sourceforge and onto a dedicated server, but we totally underestimated the demand - leading us to move from that dedicated server after only a month to one with a bigger bandwidth allocation because we almost blew the month’s allowance in 2 weeks. And that’s without the downloads (Sourceforge hosts those) - just the website.

As you can see, 1.2 resulted in average overall numbers increasing but not by the same kind of margin - for this we did no deliberate publicity, just whatever existing users happened to do off their own back. The reason being that the server was already pretty heavily utilised even at that stage, and we didn’t think it could handle another spike 😀  With OGRE 1.4 going final on Sunday (hopefully), the publicity wheels will be restarted and we’ll do a fairly big publicity push; with the help of a few community members, many of which cover a range of different languages, there could be quite a bit of exposure. Therefore the spare capacity in OGRE Dedicated Webserver #3 could well be a life saver.

The other thing the spare capacity on the server has allowed me to do is to generate a Wiki snapshot every week now. I did this after noticing a single IP in Iran requesting 40,000 pages in 12 hours via a stealth spidering bot that was following all the wiki history links. Grr.