ogre3d.org country stats update

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A number of people asked for an update on the country & region statistics once more time had passed, so since March is now done (albeit having only spent just under 3 weeks on the new server) I thought I’d post some updated charts. I have had to adjust the stats for small number of countries due to individual citizens of those countries using automated site scrapers to spider around (shame on you), so that these numbers more accurately represent the real breakdown of the user population.

As you can see there’s been some movement since the initial stats, with the UK losing its 3rd place slot and France jumping into the number 2 spot (although there’s only a whisker between France and Germany). The middle of the table shifted around a little, although this isn’t surprising since there’s little distance between all the countries in those slots. The biggest gainer is China though, storming into 7th place and leaping neatly over its regional rival South Korea, which also improved its ranking from 11th to 9th. Japan and Belgium also made it into the top 20 this time, pushing Hungary and Denmark out of the leaderboard.

On the regional side not much has changed - Western Europe has lost a little of its dominance but that’s due to an increase in the Asia Pacific and Central Asia regions, as borne out by the country leaderboard changes. I think the early stats I posted penalised this region becuase of the time difference.

It’s really fun to look at these stats, and it really shows how much of a global audience we have. Humbling really.