Easter Break

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People told me that working for yourself made holidays much harder to take, but I didn’t really appreciate it at first. It’s true though - especially since the OGRE community never, ever sleeps, never mind taking a few days off - there were plenty of people happily posting questions on the forum on Christmas day, all expecting a prompt answer like there was nothing unusual in that 😉 It’s pretty hard not to try to keep up though, since letting it lapse makes it really hard to catch up again afterwards - but, sometimes it’s a necessity. It’s pretty much unheard of that I’ll have a single weekend where I don’t check email / forums at least once (and it’s normally 3 or 4 times), even if all I do is answer some questions and queue up the more time consuming stuff for my TODO list in the next week.

I actually didn’t realise it was the Easter weekend until a couple of days ago when my wife reminded me. When I was employed more conventionally a bank holiday wekend would be something to look forward to - now it sneaks up on me because the line between ‘work’ and ‘leisure’ is now far more blurred than it has ever been. I like working on Ogre and related things, but it’s also a job. It’s a privilege to be able to combine the two but it certainly is a challenge to know when to down tools. I’ve gotten better at it in the evenings now - although sometimes my wife has to virtually drag me from the machine to have something to eat I do at least rarely go back to it until the next morning any more - unless there’s something that’s bugging me a lot of course. Weekends and bank holidays though are tougher - I can almost hear those forum posts racking up, and I know that if I leave them too long, I’ll get nothing else done the first day back at the desk 😕

The Google Summer of Code final application voting period is finishing just after this weekend which is a little disrupting (probably not the best date they could have chosen), but that’s mostly in order now. I promised Marie we’d have a proper block of time off together this weekend so from this afternoon, I’m unplugging until Tuesday morning. The weather’s great here right now, so I’m going to reaquiant myself with what fresh air smells like for a couple of days 😀

Whether you’re celebrating a divine respawning or just gorging on chocolate, have a good one.