ADSL blues

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I’m been having some really annoying issues with my internet connection for the last 36 hours or so. CVS has been really playing up especially, which has scuppered my ability to do some cross-branch merging that I’ve been wanting to catch up with. It’s been really odd - mostly browsing & downloading has been fine, albeit feeling pretty slow when opening new web pages, navigating around etc, and small CVS operations like diffs and log viewing has been generally ok, but if I try a global update or merge, I’m in hangsville.

Today since it hadn’t improved I did some more testing and figured out that the problem is with larger uploads. Downloading is fine, uploads of up to about 100K are also fine, beyond that I get stalls all over the place. This is scuppering CVS because it uses a bidirectional protocol even when updating to allow it to do progressive updates, and I believe it’s probably dropping packets all over the place which is causing the CVS server to disconnect me. I checked that if I ssh into a server in the UK and do the same operations over there, it’s fine. I can also recreate the stalls on serveral wired machines on my network, on Linux and Windows, using lots of different tools (including speed testers) and have eliminated any issues with the router and its firmware. My ISP has checked things their end, and the exchange connection has also been aparrantly proven to be ok - which leaves a local problem either with my line, or the microfilter. Unfortunately I have one of the old style microfilters being an early ADSL adopter, which is wired directly into my master socket and not as easily replaced as separate dongles you get now (designed for easy wires-only installs for users) - I probably could figure it out but I’d rather not risk losing the limited access I still have.

The only option is a home visit now which has a callout fee - luckily I know someone at the telecoms company though so he’s popping down this afternoon to take a look, although whether he’ll be able to sort it out today I don’t know. Doing this investigation has wasted a large part of this morning and some of yesterday so I hope to get it sorted out soon as I really don’t have time for this crap. 🙁