Furry Office Companions

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I definitely have a soft spot for animals. I always have, as far as I can remember, and when I was younger I was dead set on becoming a vet, until I realised I didn’t fancy having to slice open, or worse put down, particularly cute furry creatures. I’ve had quite a lot of pets over the years and tend to get on pretty well with any creature, cats / dogs / rabbits / horses / lizards - you name it 😀Even when we get mice in the house I don’t particularly like having to kill them if I can help it - luckily our traps tend to just stun them, at which point I can grab them and release them into the hedgerows at the bottom of the garden, hoping of course that our cats don’t catch them again and bring them back in (which is invariably how they got loose in the house in the first place). Ah, what fun.

I’ve never posted any photos of our cats on this blog. There’s 2 reasons for that - one, it’s never particularly occurred to me to do so, and two, our cats are both black which means they’re not very photogenic - by nature a creature that absorbs more light than it reflects is difficult to get decent pictures of. Still, we managed to get a couple of good ones recently so I thought I’d post them up for any fellow animal lovers out there - these guys seriously destress me when I’m bashing my head against nasty technical problems, and they’re on hand all day now that I’m working from home (which they find a pretty good deal too).


**_Age: 5   Sex: Male

Temperament: Nutcase, attention seeker

Likes: Catnip, trees, danger, anything anyone else is doing

Dislikes: Being left alone, sitting still


Cali is the extrovert of the two, and seems to have been packed with a combination of rubber balls, springs, and natural endorphins. He never walks anywhere, this cat has a spring in his step that means he’s almost always bounding or jumping - imagine if they’d made a Dark Horse Comics version of Tigger, and that would be quite close to the mark. He likes doing dangerous things, like tightrope-walking along small tree branches only just capable of holding his weight thirty feet up, and taking on birds that he really shouldn’t - like the big vicious Magpies we get around here. He actually got one through the cat flap once after stunning it, then let it go when it woke up. As well as being a bit crazy, he tends to crave human attention (‘watch me, watch me!’) and is a big softie when he wants to be. He’s also incredibly nosey - you can’t be doing anything without him wanting a piece of the action. And he’s disturbingly smart sometimes, certainly compared to his sister who is slower on the uptake.


_Age: 5    Sex: Female

Temperament: Lazy, affectionate, quietly ruthless

Likes: Rubber, food, warm laps, backs of chairs

Dislikes: Strangers, vacuum cleaners

Unlike her brother, Midnight is quite shy and takes a while to get used to new people. Despite this, it’s clear that in the feline world she’s the dominant cat, ruling over her brother with an iron paw sometimes when he gets out of line (like trying to get to the food first). To humans that she knows though, she’s the very picture of well-behaved sweetness and is always looking for someone to curl up on. She also has an odd facination with perching on the backs of chairs. Despite her expanding girth she’ll happily balance herself on the back of my office chair like a furry headrest while I’m working if she gets the chance (see pic). Her other ‘thing’ is opening my sock draw, pulling all the socks out and sleeping in the drawer. I’ll get back to the bedroom to find a huge pile of socks all over the floor and a tail sticking suspiciously out of the chest of drawers. Hmm. Oh, and she’s also the only cat I know of to have a rubber fetish. If there’s anything made of rubber around - rubber bands, erasers etc - she simply must have it. She’ll steal erasers from my wife’s desk tidy whenever she gets the chance and will leave a nice series of pucture marks in them.


So there you go - 2 characters that make my life a little more interesting 😀Sorry for boring anyone who isn’t into animals!_