Last Gen, here I come

· by Steve · Read in about 3 min · (527 Words)

The whole 360-or-PS3 dilemma continues, and whilst 360 is winning right now, given an inevitable price cut and an exclusives war around Christmas I really can’t decide which I want right now. Neither console has screamed ‘buy me’ loudly enough for a jaded tight-arse like me, and whilst both have games I sort of fancy (Motorstorm and Virtua Fighter 5 on PS3, Crackdown and Dead Rising on 360), neither have a system-seller for someone who feels he’s played a fair amount of what’s on offer before, admittedly in slightly less dapper clothes. And one who thinks that playing FPSs with a dual-stick is pure, unadulterated heresy.

In addition to the regular new games, 360 has Live and Guitar Hero 2, whilst PS3 has the ability to play all those PS2 games I never got around to playing given my OGRE-induced chronic lack of time over the last few years. I’d pretty much resigned myself to deciding around Christmas 2007 which bandwagon I’d hop on because if I feel apathetic and indecisive about something, I sure as hell don’t feel like shelling out 300-400 quid on it. I mean, think how many penny chews that buys you. You could probably go a fair way towards filling a ball-pit with them, which is itself a damn fine idea. I wonder how many millionnaires have already done that.

Then it occurred to me that a significant reason I was considering the PS3 at all was those really interesting PS2 games I’d missed out on whilst occupied. I’m talking the likes of Rez, We Love Katamari, Okami, Ico and Guitar Hero. Really solid, interesting games that offer me more freshness than I’m generally seeing on the next-gen shelves so far - sure, I can get Guitar Hero 2 for 360 but it’s the same game on PS2 anyway, but twenty quid more expensive (I assume the addition of more hi-def pixels costs more). And I can buy ‘extra tracks’ (ie the first game) cheaper than the downloadables they’re pawning on Marketplace ;). I also quite fancy God of War 2 if I have time.

So, I’m boldly going where everyone else except me has already gone before and getting a PS2 - an almost-new second-hand slimline one from a friend in fact so it’s even cheaper (bargain). For less than half of the cost of a bare-bones next-gen machine I’ll pick up a PS2 and a generous handful of games that I actually feel passionate about trying out, and I’ll party like it’s Xmas 2000 😀

And hell, I’m in good company. NPD say that the PS2 is the second fastest selling console right now, right behind the DS and just above the Wii. Sure, some of the pixels might be the size of my fist on a widescreen TV, but I’m more interested in experiencing some original content than a hi-def version of something I’m not so interested in. I figure I’ll spend the summer / autumn cherry-picking the standout, original games that a mature 5-year platform can give you and blow off this whole next-gen thing until the winter, when the fight really starts and the exclusives start flying.