OGRE in Game Developer Magazine, again

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Someone pointed out to me that OGRE is mentioned in Game Developer again this month, which is very cool. This time it was in their news pages:

I’m pretty sure they won’t mind me posting the image of it here since the text is just from press releases anyway rather than copyrighted articles. It’s not a huge mention but it’s nice to be included - the last time we were mentioned was in a box-out in a larger article about engines, I think about a year ago. I’m glad someone else spotted it because I stopped getting Game Developer a couple of months ago after about 8 years of subscribing because it’s very expensive to get here (it’s not free like it is in the US) and most of the best content (and more) is available eventually on Gamasutra anyway. Thanks go to free_FROZ and CaseyB for this one.