I love hidden line modes

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It’s a fairly simple thing, but by far my favourite viewing mode in 3D editors is ‘hidden line mode’ - it’s basically just like regular wireframe modes but you can’t see through the triangles. I like it because I think it gives you the purity of wireframe modes without the clutter. XSI has a specific mode for this, in other tools you can approximate it e.g. in 3DS you can use flat mode and enable display of face edges - although you tend to get garish solid colours and white edges instead of plain areas and coloured wires like XSI does, which is also how I’ve done it. Personal preference but I like my / XSI’s way better 😀

I’ve played with view modes a bit lately and for the moment have just implemented four - wireframe, hidden line, shaded and textured. Each one displays selections slightly differently (these shots are with a single pane of the 4-pane CAD view maximised):

Wireframe Hidden  Line
Shaded Textured

There’s more options I’d like to add, fleshing out the ‘eye’ toolbar drop-down menu but for now I’m moving on. This week has been a wash-out of sorts, what with 2 bank holidays, a couple of contracts on the go and lots of miscellaneous OGRE stuff to catch up on in between. At least I managed to spend a handful of hours on this this week. Hopefully I’ll get more time next week.