I have so much to learn, sensei

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As I’ve mentioned on this blog, I’m loving Guitar Hero 2 - it’s easily my most-played game at the moment, almost to the exclusion of all others (barring the occasional bout of Puzzle Quest and Trackmania). My favourite track at the moment is Monkey Wrench by the Foo Fighters - a great song anyway but really fun to play. I’ve been trying to get five gold stars (no mistakes) on it in Medium but haven’t quite managed it yet, I always seem to screw up one note or other. However, check this out:

8-year old kid playing Monkey Wrench on Expert

Holy crap. I’ve dipped my toe into Hard mode a little and am starting to get somewhere, but this kid has 5 stars on everything in Expert mode, and quite a few golds. And he’s playing in ‘Performance Mode’ which means you have to memorise the whole thing. I’m not worthy!