MacBook Pros just got interesting

· by Steve · Read in about 1 min · (150 Words)

I see the MacBook Pro has been upgraded again, and now comes with (minimum configuration):

Now that’s suddenly very interesting, given that previous MacBook graphics chipsets were rather underwhelming for the price. A Dx10 capable chipset and 2Gb as standard, nice. Can I afford one yet? No - but it certainly encourages me to sort some funding out to get hold of one, wheras I was somewhat ‘meh’ before. That is, provided BootCamp can boot Vista now (Parallels isn’t any use to me until it supports GPU acceleration), which it looks like it can.

Now, I’d almost certainly need to go for at least the middle model to run Vista on it, given how memory hungry (GPU wise) it is, and that nice high-res screen. But being able to kill two birds with one stone (Dx10 and OSX platform) is definitely attractive. Time to start saving / fund raising methinks 😀