Bunching of a not unpleasant kind

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It seems the old adage ‘It never rains, but it pours’ is particularly appropriate at the moment. I seem to have had something of an influx of business enquiries & early stage project talks recently and it’s been fairly time consuming to keep up with it all. All too often I’ll find that most of the day has gone answering business-related emails, talking on the phone and IM, and addressing the paid work I already have going, leaving just enough time to do the forums and perhaps a few bits of Ogre but not much more. I’ve been working a little more in the evenings / weekends to compensate for that a tad (cue scowling from Marie) but it’s meant that my editor project is frustratingly on standby right now. Any time I’ve had for it is purely theoretical - which is actually ok in a way since the next part is crucial and involves some interesting technical challenges that my searching of academic papers for similar ideas has so far drawn a blank on.

As the title suggests though, it’s not the sort of ‘busy’ one can get upset about - whilst I’m not ‘sealing deals’ every day so to speak, I am building up a more diverse client base and lining up a few different potential opportunities for the next few months which has got to be good. It just takes a lot of time away from what the engineer in me would deem ‘real work’, but I also know that business development and marketing is a critical thing to do well. Subliminal message: Torus Knot Software is so great, you want to give them fistfuls of cash, right now.