Almost a Rooney

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Ok, so this morning didn’t start so well. I was coming down the stairs after getting up just to stick some washing on before starting work (yes, I’m that domesticated), when I slipped and landed really badly on my right foot. There was a really loud ‘cracking’ sort of sound and monstrous amounts of pain (and a generous fountain of dirty clothing, I have to say) which led to the air becoming rather blue. At first I thought I’d broken or at least sprained my ankle, but as the initial pain begain to recede after a few minutes I found I could still move it, so I thought I might have gotten away with it.

I iced it for a bit (frozen peas, you are my friends) but found once the initial adrenaline rush receded it really hurt quite a lot (interpret that in accordance with traditional British understatement), and although my ankle seemed intact, any weight on that leg led to huge shooting pains through my foot. So, after overcoming my typical male response (wiggling it and if it doesn’t fall off, it’ll probably be ok), I phoned my wife who has some first aid training to see if she had any better ideas.

So, next we’re in A&E 😀Luckily our house is literally 5-10 minutes walk from it, although hopping I probably couldn’t have made it in that time so Marie gave me a lift. I was seen within 15 minutes which was good, and after some prodding the doctor was fairly certain I’d broken my fifth metatarsal, which is quite a fashionable injury to have, even if I didn’t do it in quite so glamourous circumstances as Mr Rooney (he broke his forth).

So a couple of x-rays and more waiting followed. As it happens the doctor on duty couldn’t see an obvious break, leading hiim to think it might just be ligament damage, although he’s sending the x-rays off to a radiology specialist to double-check. I’m dosed up with a shedload of Ibuprofen and under strict instructions to elevate & rest it for the next 24 hours. I’m typing this at a weird angle in order to satisfy these instructions right now but I think I’m going to have to call it quits since it’s just doing my back in instead 😕 I might try to use the laptop a bit later if it’s not too uncomfortable.

Anyway, that’s screwed my plans for the day, I’m going to have to put a couple of things off until Monday. Tsk.