Pedal update

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Well, it looks like I’ve been lucky. I got a lot of rest yesterday and whilst my foot is really painful, still terrible at it’s load-bearing duties and has turned the colour that no flesh should ever be outside of a George Romero movie, I don’t think I broke anything. The doctor said he would have put money on it being broken, but I wasn’t savvy enough to ask for odds at the time. If I have broken it, it’s a small hairline fracture and there’s not much worth doing anyway except waiting. I’m still hobbling and dosed up with pain killers but my mobility has improved a bit even since yesterday. I can only assume that the horrid ‘crack / crunch’ I heard when I landed on it was just some random ankle / foot bones popping about but not actually snapping. As it happens, I did martial arts for a while a decade (ish) ago and ever since my joints have been quite flexible and prone to making odd noises when put under stress, so maybe it’s down to that.

If that is the case it’ll be a relief anyway, since it should mean my recovery shouldn’t take as long, which is especially useful since my feet are my primary form of transport. I do have a drivers license, but I choose not to use it most of the time so not being able to walk anywhere has been really frustrating. Not that I can drive either, seeing as you need both feet for a manual transmission.

For those who wondered in the last post how I actually did it, imagine being on the 2nd step up from the bottom of the stairs, then slipping (forwards) so your left leg is bent (and thus not weight bearing) and landing at the bottom with all your weight on the toe of your right foot, then said foot turning over forwards / sideways. And making a sound like 30 people each biting down on mouthful of Corn Flakes all at once. Looking on the bright side, if I hadn’t been wearing sturdy trainers it might have been worse.

I didn’t get much done yesterday beyond re-activating the OGRE donations system, something I’d got all set up last week but was floating past a few people before making it public. Throwing a switch to enable it wasn’t that strenuous. This weekend I have a new release to do, which is mostly waiting anyway, and a book chapter review that’s due in very soon - but I can do that in whatever restful position I need to 😀