The Best Medicine

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We had a very good night out last night - this week has been the very first Guernsey Festival of Comedy, and being regular watchers of shows like the Comedy Store and Live at Jongleurs we snapped up the opportunity to see a number of live acts locally for a change.

As expected, given the talent on show, it was a superb evening. The major headliner for us was Mitch Benn, who is consistently hilarious with his blend of musical comedy and fast-paced, often ranting satire, and he didn’t disappoint. Ronnie Edwards we’d also seen before and was very good, but in many ways it was the middle act, Lloyd Langford, who stole the show. We’d never seen (or heard of) him before but his set was really, really good - kind of laid back (difficult to be anything else with a Welsh accent I suppose) and disarming but with a really sharp wit and sense of timing underneath it. Great stuff.

The festival seems to have been well supported, with tickets quite hard to come by (hence why we went on a Thursday and not Friday or Saturday night, which sold out first), and has brought some great acts over - we missed Rob Deering at the Dog House earlier in the week due to other plans, which is a shame because he’s good too - so here’s hoping it comes back next year. It’s not quite the Edinburgh Fringe, but still great entertainment nonetheless, and it beats having to travel to London or Manchester to see great live comedy.