Some interesting OS / Browser stats

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Obviously we collect some stats on the types of browsers and operating systems that access, and I thought it would be interesting to post them. It’s especially interesting because our visits clearly represent a subset of the wider Internet community, that is people who are mostly likely developers (and sometimes artists) and are open to using open source software. Note that all ‘Internet’ stats are taken from w3schools as a comparison but may not be totally representative.

Operating System Internet
Windows XP 74.7 % 75.0 % 
Linux (various distros) 9.8 % 3.3 % 
Windows Vista 5.9 % 3.1 % 
Other Windows 5.6 % 9.3 % 
Mac OSX 2.4 % 3.8 % 
Other 1.2 % 5.5 % 

That’s quite interesting. XP still dominates our community despite the open source angle, but perhaps even more surprisingly the ‘Other Windows’ category (which includes Windows 98, 2000, 2003 server and even a bit of NT) is almost as large as the Vista community. Our Vista community is a little larger than the norm which also makes sense. I knew OSX was in the minority although the extent of that minority is still quite surprising, given the number of people I hear of anecdotally who have bought a Mac recently - however that might be partly because the support / advice we can give to those on the platform is lower, since we relied on external maintainers. That may change in the future if donations go well 😉 On Linux, Ubuntu is the clear favorite distribution, making up half the requests, followed by Debian and Fedora, although there were quite a few (3%) that only identified themselves as ‘GNU Linux’ so that might not be that accurate.

Browser Internet
Firefox 50.2 % 33.7 % 
Internet Explorer 39.3 % 58.8 % 
Opera 5.5 % 1.6 % 
Mozilla 1.6 % 1.3 % 
Safari 1.2 % 1.5 % 
Other 2.2 % 3.1 % 

Unsurprisingly given the type of community we are, Firefox leads the browser rankings fairly decisively, with most people running Firefox 2.x although a minority are still running 1.5. Internet explorer trails somewhat, and the population is split almost down the middle between IE6 and IE7, with IE6 still winning by a small margin (ugh, such heresy). All the other browsers have to fight for the scraps, even Opera which is a nice browser but joined the ‘free’ party far too late to be able to catch up. Safari trails further behind than the OSX platform itself, suggesting that quite a few OSX users prefer running Firefox.