WWDC07 - Leopard thoughts

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Yes, another post on WWDC07 - but what are weekends for except catching up on tech news? I watched the presentations Steve Jobs did on the next version of OSX - 10.5 aka Leopard. Whilst a lot of it seemed to be of the ‘very nice but not stunning’ variety (although even so I have to say it looks nicer than Vista, generally), two things jumped out at me.

Firstly was the ‘Core Animation’ Demo. This was very impressive, both as an indication of the sorts of graphical APIs they’re adding,   but also of the performance. I’m not sure what machine he was running that on, I suspect the best they have but even so, seeing him paging through a ton of videos and filtering them on the fly was definitely an ‘ooo’ moment. It’s obvious they’re trying to one-up Windows Presentation Foundation, and I’d say they’ve succeeded. Whilst I’ve seen a lot of diagrams and rhetoric from Microsoft about WPF, I haven’t seen it actually do anything as interesting as that yet. Maybe I’m just a demo-whore.

Secondly was their WebClip Dashboard widget. This is a widget that lets you pull off sections of a website and store it as a dynamic widget on your Dashboard. Not that innovative in itself, although the ease of use (dragging directly from Safari) was characteristically Apple, but what struck me was how much it could piss some web publishers off. After all, if you can just pull off chunks of a website (like the Dilbert cartoon) and completely avoid going to the website itself, where is the advertising revenue going to come from? A bit of a sticky point there, some web publishers would go out of business if everyone did that. The OSX market is probably too small for it to be a major issue right now, in the same way that the number of regular users savvy enough to use an adblocker is not too much of a worry, but if it grows I can imagine that being a bone of contention for some sites.

Interesting stuff anyway. I’m still hoping to raise / save enough cash to get a MacBook Pro sometime in the relatively near future so I might get to play with it first-hand.