Monstrously dressed

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Having been prodded about this by a couple of people in the community, I’ve re-vamped the Ogre Merchandise Shop with our new ever-so-fashionably-shiny logo. CafePress also do green T-Shirts now (as shown) which was too appropriate not to use.

Having seen Niko’s recent use of Spreadshirt I created an account there to see what it was like, as a possible alternative to CafePress with whom we’ve been for many years - the possible benefit being that they have UK and EU stores so people could shop in their own currency, and potentially pay less for postage (& maybe wait less). I played with their system for a while but in the end decided against it, for several reasons:

  • Maintaining 2-3 separate stores for each location is a bit of a pain (I know, I already do it for Amazon)
  • On re-checking the CafePress postage charges, they really aren’t that bad now - they quoted me a mere $7 for shipping a T-shirt to the UK, which is nothing really - I’ve paid more than that for UK postage before
  • Spreadshirt’s base prices seem a bit more expensive
  • They don’t do mouse mats
  • The US$ exchange rate is so crazy right now, everything from the US is cheap here anyway πŸ˜‰
  • Lastly and most critically, you can’t print custom graphical designs on anything but white or ash; all other colours can only accept text, which sucks

So in the end, I stuck with CafePress. I’ll have to replenish my own T-shirt supply (I’m still the best customer of the store :)) soon with the new logo for sure. I see Paul has suggested in the forum that in order to raise funds I should threaten to Showcase myself posing in an offical Ogre thong (you laugh, but someone has bought one of these! You know who you are….) unless certain funding targets are met. It’s an interesting idea, but I’m not sure even the Internet is ready for that yet. πŸ˜€