Initialising unbunching sequence…

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Phew - last week was absolutely nuts with work. I’m not sure why, but a number of clients all needed something done in roughly the same week. Since my income stream is far from regular I had to take it whilst it was offered but it did mean not too much leisure time (or Ogre time) in the last 7-10 days. That’s all done now (3 projects delivered in the same week!) so next week should be a bit less crazy. I have a few Ogre patches and deferred bug reports to look into, and maybe, just maybe I’ll have some time to work on my own project. Wouldn’t that be something? 😀

The other thing I have to prepare for is that I’m doing a presentation on Ogre to my local developers group. I wasn’t entirely sure where to pitch it, since they’re not graphics / games developers (that I know of) and some might never have used C++, so I’m taking a fairly broad-brush approach to it, concentrating on the high-level stuff, a bit of code (but not too much) and a few movies to finish off. It’s only when I sat down to start that I realised just how hard it is to present Ogre in any detail in only 45 minutes. It’s the same realisation I had when reviewing Greg’s book - the realisation that you could easily double the page count and still only have covered some of what’s in your head. Ah well, we’ll see how it goes - at least it’s fairly informal and small. I’ve done quite a few presentations over the years so I’m fairly comfortable doing it to a group this size - I must admit that I’m not sure I could handle doing a presentation at Siggraph or something huge like that. I see CrystalSpace has a speaker at the Leipzig GDC this year, which is cool for them - at first I thought ‘dang, I should do something like that’, but then I realised that I’m not sure I’d feel confident enough to address that sort of crowd, personally. Hmm.