Home Alone

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Marie’s been away the last couple of days at a conference so I’ve had the house to myself for the first time in ages. It’s pretty odd - I lived on my own for years before I got married, and I used to do a fair amount of travelling for work, so I’m not unused to it, but it is strange going back to being in your own house with no-one but 2 (insane) black cats for company. As it happens we had our developers meeting yesterday evening and I was preparing for that the evening before so I haven’t had much time to think about it anyway.

It did serve to prove though just how close to the surface bachelorhood remains despite the years of intense training - within mere hours the detritus began to accumulate, socks, used crockery, piles of change. I exist in a natural state of general untidiness - I believe fervently in the true, natural order to emerge within chaos rather than nasty, artifically engineered order - and whilst I temper that when sharing a space, when there’s a few days before anyone’s going to care, stuff just tends to remain where it comes to rest. I call it the ‘inertial organisation system’, and it has served me well.

I had a little time to get through some Ogre patches and bugfixes earlier in the week which was good, since I’d neglected them during my crunch last week. From mid-week things got a little more busy again though so once again my personal projects had to be bumped. I seem to be in a perpetual loop of catching up and getting behind again 😕 But, after a bit of a dry spell a couple of months back at least it’s billable work which helps towards the MacBook fund.

The Ogre presentation I did went down pretty well, although far less people turned up than we expected, probably because of the summer and fairly late reminder. Those that were there seemed to enjoy it anyway, if I get chance I’ll do a Flash version of it but we’ll see.