Economics 101

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Boy, I wish the US Dollar wasn’t being such a weakling right now. I never used to care much about this sort of thing before, despite having sat some economics / accounting exams in years gone by, the whole thing was largely theoretical unless I felt like going to the States on holiday or something. These days though, the dollar / sterling exchange rate is of significant practical interest to me, because a fair portion of my income originates from there. This year the exchange rate exceeded 2 dollars to the pound again, and I hear it’s now the highest it’s been for 26 years.

And boy, does that suck. It eats significantly into the income the Ogre site earns in ad revenue to support itself, since for legal reasons the Ogre site is now hosted in the UK and thus my hosting fees are charged in sterling, but ad revenue is of course in dollars. There’s also been a worrying dip in ad revenue within the last 2 weeks despite a stable click-through rate, I’m not sure why that is, I hope it sorts itself out soon otherwise I’ll have a fair shortfall to make up this month for which I’ll have to dip into the donations fund. From a personal point of view, the exchange rate also makes my services more expensive in the US than they should be, which is very frustrating given that’s where a lot of my work comes from, and I’m aware my rate probably looks high even though in sterling terms it’s actually very reasonable as a no-strings-attached contract rate.

Clearly it’s not just sterling, although the very strong UK economy doesn’t help, much of the problem is down to the US economy being really sluggish. I for one hope it picks up soon, if the exchange rate goes much higher I think I might empty my piggy bank and go buy Utah. 😉

Boring economic post ends. 😀