Sourceforge Community Choice Awards 2007 - Vote for OGRE

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VOTE!I’ve put a post on the main OGRE site about this, but let’s do it here too for completeness 😀

Thanks to everyone who nominated us for the Sourceforge Community Choice Awards this year! We’ve been nominated in 4* categories, “Best Project For Multimedia”, “Best Project for Gamers”, “Best User Support” and “Best Technical Design”.

Now it’s time for the final vote, so please cast your vote for Ogre! You should cast your vote even if you nominated us before, because it’s this final vote which counts when identifying the winners. Again I advise that “Best Project For Multimedia” is the most appropriate category, but we’d love for you to vote for us in the other categories too of course 😀

Vote Now!

*edited after I realised we were nominated in “Best User Support” too!