Birthday Bonanza

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Well, mentally it’s not far off. We had a really busy long weekend due to both my wifes’s and my own birthday and we’ve had a good time. A superb meal at our favourite restaurant, a little too much wine and generally a relaxing time was had. We even got around to booking ourselves a proper holiday in November (Thailand), something we haven’t done for far, far too long. We’ve both been really busy with work so we haven’t gotten around to getting away properly since 2005, so this is something to look forward to.

I had a few games for my birthday which has kept me busy; my wife bought be the first Guitar Hero so I have a whole extra set of tracks to try, proving to be a lot of fun. I also got Elite Beat Agents for the DS, which if you don’t know is another rhythm-action game, except this time you’re directing male cheerleaders / secret agents with taps / swoops of the stylus. It’s odd, very Japanese, and very good.

Finally, I also got something to justify turning the Wii on again, Mercury Meltdown Revolution - a puzzle game originally made for the PSP but they never delivered the motion sensor, which kinda defeated the point - so the Wii was the perfect target. It’s similar in premise to Super Monkey Ball, but with more puzzle elements, and the added curiosity of having to control an amorphous ball of mercury that can (and sometimes must) split into many parts. The drought of decent Wii games has been criminal and this one is a welcome respite. Unsurprisingly it does remind me of Super Monkey Ball, but mostly of the first one (on the GameCube), which is a good thing, because all the subsequent ones have failed to live up to the original. MMR is very purist, which is good (SMB just got carried away with completely pointless fluff in later incarnations) but at the same time has some interesting twists (like having to split and colour your mercury balls) and is a bit more cerebral than SMB - planning is much more important. A lot of fun.

I’m back at the grindstone tomorrow anyway, so apologies if you’re waiting for an email or forum reply; you’ll just have to wait until I catch up 😀