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I’m travelling quite a lot over the next couple of days doing a bit of networking in the UK (I’m currently not sure if I should pack my arm bands / water wings) so I’m likely be out of contact a lot of the time. If you’re attending the Develop Conference in Brighton this week you might see me kicking around the expo tomorrow, and I have an invite to the Summer Party later in the evening, so I’ll be there too provided I have the stamina - I’m on the red-eye flight out tomorrow, and have to catch a train stupidly early the next day too to get ‘up country’ a bit for another meeting. Needless to say Red Bull is likely to be my vintage of choice. In either case, if you’re at these events and recognise me, I’d be happy to chat.

As such there will undoubtedly be a lower than average ‘Sinbad quotient’ in the forums until the weekend, and email responses will be a little tardier. I’m fairly sure the world will keep spinning in the meantime though, thankfully. 😉