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I’m knackered.

I had a couple of pretty busy days planned anyway, with quite a bit of travelling. The meetings themselves went well, I met up once again with a long-time colleague and friend formerly of WMI and now of Linden Lab, and also finally got to meet Matt Fairclough (aka Mr Terragen - TG2 is looking so awesome) in the flesh for a couple of beers - we worked together remotely on a project a couple of years ago so it was good to finally put a face to the emails. Also met quite a few other people from other companies in the mix, like NCSoft since they were jointly hosting an event with Linden.

On the second day I headed up to Milton Keynes to meet a company using OGRE for training submersible remote operated vehicle (ROV) pilots. Really interesting stuff; I got to play with their previous sim iteration (they’ve been doing this for over 10 years) which featured probably the largest control panel I’ve ever seen. Another non-game use of OGRE that I was more than pleased to see, and it was also nice to make contact with one of the few potential UK-based clients I have 😀

It was after that that it all went pear-shaped. I got back to the airport ok (although notching up my 4th hour on the train that day) but unfortunately low cloud had descended on Guernsey (as if in mockery of all the Nimble / cloud talk that had gone on the night before) making visibility too poor to land. They thought they’d try taking us back anyway, but all we did was circle for 3 hours before heading back to Gatwick. Then we were of course dumped at 11pm to fend for ourselves (weather isn’t our problem, yadda yadda) so after finding some hotels full I managed to find a place to bed down for the night, albeit at ridiculous personal expense. I needed it though, 2 pre-6am morning starts due to travelling and some serious blisters caused by my poor choice of shoes (I brought the ‘businessy’ ones instead of comfortable trainers) meant I just wanted to crash.

More delays today meant that I only just got back about 24 hours after leaving my last port of call - I could have visited the other side of the world in that time!🙁

To top it all off, internet access was scarce whilst I was away - the Expo had free wifi but both hotels I stayed in wanted ridiculous money for net access, the rip-off merchants - but I used a relatively cheap (!!) terminal at the airport to find the ogre3d.org server was down, and appears to have been going down a few times in the last 24 hours. Bloody typical - it’s been up for months and it chooses to do it the very time I can’t do anything about it. Still, it was a test of the managed services I’m getting from my new hosting provider, which I bought precisely for this eventuality, and so far I haven’t been that impressed. They’ve told be they tried to phone me about it (ok, but I just want you to fix it, not ask me about it) and currently don’t know what went wrong. It’s back again now but we’ll have to see what happens. I’ve noticed a bunch of dodgy requests in the web server logs, clearly exploit attempts but in any case the server has survived plenty of these in the past and nothing appears to have been compromised. We’ll have to see.

In any case, I’m catching up now but am pretty wiped out so it might take a while.