Precious History

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Another case of YouTube being able to lead the user to interesting cultural history lessons:

Ballmer’s Sales Pitch for Windows 1.0

Remember kids, never buy anything from a crazy man with unbelievably bad dress sense, even for 1985. And this particular crazy man now controls one of the richest corporate entities in the world - you would have thought he would have calmed down over the years, but clearly not:

Is he for real? Or do they just routinely issue amphetamines to all MS top brass? And who are all those morons whooping his crazed antics? It’s like feeding time at the chimp enclosure. I imagine that if you’re a Microsoft employee having a CEO that cavorts around like this must be quite embarrassing, and perhaps it leads to some ribbing at cross-company parties? If you work at Apple you have Steve Jobs, a generally fairly reserved and dignified chap whilst still managing to hype his products, if you’re with Oracle you’ve got Larry Ellison, a pretty domineering, overbearing chap but at least he doesn’t think he’s a rock star. I can only imagine the ‘Oh God, he’s not going to do it again is he?’ thoughts that must run through the heads of more balanced MS employees on the eve of a conference 😀