Finally saying 'adieu' to CRTs

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (339 Words)

So, I’ve finally joined the 21st century and got rid of my last trusty CRT monitor. I hung on to it far longer than I intended to really, but initially I avoided LCDs because of their poor response rates and ghosting. Then, I avoided them because they were too expensive. Then, I avoided them because I like to test in lots of fullscreen resolutions and wasn’t that happy with the way that looked on many LCDs, and didn’t like being locked to a single ‘best’ resolution. Even by the time all these issues had been overcome or adjusted to (plus the fact that I don’t play that many games on the PC anymore) I’d got so used to avoiding them I was in a rut and couldn’t be bothered to pony up the cash to switch. My wife has had a nice Samsung LCD for a while and I must admit to being a little jealous, but not enough to bother spending the money.

But as it happens a cousin of mine was wanting to get shot of a rather nice Dell E207WFP before he goes back to uni at a price I simply couldn’t pass up. They’re not the newest and flashiest anymore but it’s a really solid LCD and I’m liking using it a lot. I also obviously now have a lot more desk space to play with, which is a good thing. The only disadvantage is that Timmy the Monkey, my long-time ‘productivity coach’ (aka vicious overlord) no longer has room to sit atop my monitor and has been forced to relocate to the top of the printer instead, where he joins a wind-up metal Bender and the now-venerable Eric Cartman stress toy. I believe they may be conspiring to form a new League of Evil over there.

Anyway, after adjusting my various settings to be more like my laptop now (ClearType, coding fonts, window layout), I’m rather happy with it. Of course, being widescreen, I now have a few inches of screen space to fill with something. Minesweeper? 😉