When weekends go bad, and Guitar Hero controllers

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I’ve been relatively quiet online the last few days - I was ‘up North’ on Friday via a red-eye flight to Manchester which entailed a simply wonderful 5am start and returning home at around 9pm, so obviously not much got done that day (besides the consultancy I was hired for of course).

On top of that, on returning home I found out that one of our cats had become very ill during the day; retching and hacking and generally breathing really badly, and not eating at all (very unusual for this one). Marie had managed to take her to the vet but she needed to be aneathatised so they could check down her throat, which they couldn’t do until the next morning. So we had an anxious night looking after one sick cat and putting up with the evil looks from the other cat who took exception to the disruption and food not being on tap as usual. Luckily they sorted her out the next day and found that she’d eaten an overly large blade of sticky-haired grass which had gotten lodged in her throat and nasal passageway, which was irritating her and also getting infected, hence all the hacking and wheezing. Stupid cat, but we’re very glad she’s ok again and despite a wobbly day yesterday she’s mostly back to her old self.

To top it off though, we’ve both (Marie and I, not the cat) picked up head colds from somewhere so what with lack of sleep and that we’ve been pretty tired. I haven’t even played Bioshock since I got back, although I’ll probably have a go later on.

To cheer myself up I ordered a second Guitar Hero controller, a wireless one this time, so Marie and I and friends can rock together. I had been in 2 minds about whether to get another, with Rock Band around the corner suggesting a change of platform would be required (although PS2 has now been confirmed too), but now that Rock Band has been pushed to early 2008 in Europe and Guitar Hero III is coming out at the end of next month, I felt it was worth investing a little more in the PS2 rock experience. I ended up ordering one on eBay because they’re pretty hard to get hold of via the normal channels, all the UK places seem to be out of stock.

Rock Band getting delayed has certainly given GH3 a shot in the arm. GH:Rock the 80’s looks rubbish (mostly because of the crappy tracklist), and I really think they should have just canned it - all it did was suggest that Activision can’t live up to the brand without Red Octane being at the helm. This, combined with Rock Band’s more ambitious scope could well have made GH3 a clear loser if they’d both come out at the same time. Now, I personally can’t wait until 2008 for my next set of tracks, and GH3’s look really good - I’m particularly looking forward to thrashing along with the Kaiser Chiefs, Stone Roses and The Killers, and there’s lots more good stuff there too - and I’m guessing I won’t be the only one. Can’t wait…