Silicon Valley, here I come

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We’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to the Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit again this year, and I’m really glad that I can actually attend this time. ๐Ÿ˜€

In 2006 we only got around 2-3 weeks notice that it was happening (it was obviously pulled together quite late) and I was already travelling around the same time so despite trying to figure out a way to make it work I reluctantly had to decline - Greg (xavier) and Michael (reimpell) attended on OGRE’s behalf instead but I was gutted at having to miss out. This year, Google gave us far more notice of the date (6th October) so I kept the date free, hoping we would get another inviteย  - they’re not guaranteed, but I believe it’s simply dependent on the organisation managing the programme adequately. I got the invite yesterday and it’s fair to say that wild horses, even super-strong mutant killer horses, couldn’t keep me away this year.

Google are nice enough to cover travel expenses (up to certain limits) so I booked as soon as I could to get a decent deal. I’m paying for a couple of extra nights myself so I can get out and see a little of the surrounding area while I’m there. I’ll definitely be meeting up with locally-based Greg (Pro OGRE3D Programming) for a long overdue celebratory beer, and I’d certainly be open to meeting others from the Californian OGRE community while I’m out there, time permitting. Contact me if you’re interested.

I’m seriously looking forward to it, the summit, visiting Google’s HQ, seeing Silicon Valley - I’ve never been to the west coast of America before, I’ve only hopped across to the east coast (Boston and New York) a few times. Should be good.