Wireless GH controller

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Yay, it arrived today. I’ve only tried it out briefly to make sure it worked ahead of a proper breaking in this evening, but it works really well. The feel is a little different so will need some getting used to, for example the fret buttons are glossy and depress flush with the neck, rather than being a little matte and always being a bit raised even when pressed like the wired controller. Since I now play entirely by ‘feel’ this is a little disorienting but I’m sure I can adjust.

I was gratified that the Stone Roses are represented on Guitar Hero 3, one of my choice bands from the 90’s and still a regular on my playlists now, but I was still a little surprised at their choice of track (She Bangs the Drums). It’s a pretty good track and all, but when you have some stunningly awesome John Squire guitar solos to choose from their later album like those in Breaking into Heaven and Tears (which just popped up just now, hence the thought), it seems an odd choice. Ah well.