Zero Punctuation

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A friend pointed me at these this weekend and they are absolutely bloody hilarious. The Escapist hosts a rather off-the-wall video commentary on games called Zero Punctuation, written by a British ex-pat now living in Australia. It’s traditional fast-talking dead-pan British wit, so if you like that kind of thing I can’t recommend these enough.

His Bioshock critique is really funny - as much as I love this game he’s right to point out that it basically is System Shock 2 with the difficulty turned down, a ripped off Fallout retro style atmosphere and the plot changed. Not that I care, nothing has engaged me like it since SS2 anyway, but the ribbing he gives it is very funny  😀

I also couldn’t help cheering for his Psychonauts review. A man after my own heart there.

He also has a website of his own at