Eye candy and render system caps

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I’m still feeling a little rough but infinitely better than yesterday, if that’s at all possible - I imagine you couldn’t honestly say you feel infinitely better unless you simultaneously won 10 million on the lottery and discovered you were actually Spiderman. At least. But let’s put boyish dreams aside for now. Unfortunately my wife has the bug now too - who said sharing everything was a good thing?

A rather nice new project came up in the OGRE forums yesterday called MotorM4X, courtesy of The Easy Company in Prague. They have some rather nice SpeedTree integration and some equally nice per-pixel motion blur effects, among other things. Overall, it all looks rather spiffingly lovely, don’t you know, so I thought I’d post it here for those who haven’t drooled over it already. Great work, chaps.

In other news, I recently merged one of the Google Summer of Code projects in to the HEAD, namely the ability to mimic lesser hardware capabilities. There are a couple of other projects to merge in too (the material editor is separate), but they need a little more work yet and this one was ready. I made some adjustments and enhancements to it, such as now you can call getVendor() and get an enum returned of the major hardware vendors independent of render system. The extensions to the capabilities system will be needed by me when I implement the DirectX10 rendersystem, which I’m planning on starting pretty soon, so that’s another reason to get it merged. I have, however, just started another client project which is likely to keep me busy for a fair while so the Dx10 work will have to fit in where it can. There’s no enormous rush, most of our users are happy enough with SM3 for the moment I’ve observed, but I’ll be slipping SM4 in over time anyway.