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I haven’t had too much time for blogging the last few days, been super-busy. Apart from catching up after travelling and being sick, I have some sizeable client work on, I’m doing a presentation tomorrow at our local BCS-affiliated developers group about cross-platform development issues, I’ve been getting ready for an OGRE stable maintenance release (v1.4.5) at the weekend, and of course I’m off to Silicon Valley next week for the Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit - and I’ve been invited to spend some time with NVIDIA and Intel while I’m there too, which is excellent. So, busy busy, and less time for musing and spleen venting. Even Bioshock has only had one evening’s play since I got back.

However, I just had to post about this, Kezzer had to link me on to it since I hadn’t browsed this years Siggraph content yet, so thanks to him for that. It’s an incredible technique to alter images (size & content) where the tool has a deeper understanding of the content and adjusts accordingly. It so astounding it makes Photoshop look like working with stone tools, to be honest - it’s very hard to describe, just watch this video:

Frankly, I don’t know how Adobe could afford not to buy up this technology right now; I’d be very surprised if they weren’t already talking. Full details and paper here: Dr Ariel Shamir’s site.