Wild Wild West

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If the post title made you think of an awful film of the same name and the awful title single that went with it, I apologise. It popped into my head this morning unsummoned, and I’ll be darned if I’m going to be the only one trying to engage a mental decontamination protocol.

Yes, over the next 24 hours I’m heading over to the west coast of the USA to attend the Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit, for a full day of debate and general open source geekery. The summit itself isn’t until Saturday, but since I have to get over to London too to catch my transatlantic flight the timings mean I have to leave a little early. I deliberately left myself some extra time, although some of that has been booked up now so I have a busy few days. My itinerary is:

  • Tonight (Wednesday): plane to London Gatwick, then bus up to London Heathrow region to crash in a cheap hotel overnight
  • Thursday: leave LHR for a 10 hr flight to SFO, arriving a little after lunch local time. No doubt spend an age in passport control; unfortunately the days when you could simply flash your British passport and breeze through are gone. Head down to Sunnyvale, locate hotel, confirm schedule for Friday, drink lots of coffee (GMT-7), explore a bit
  • Friday: nvidia (am) and intel (pm)
  • Saturday: Google (all day)
  • Sunday: sightseeing in San Francisco (am), back to SFO for flight back to London (pm)
  • Monday: Arrive Heathrow (+7 hours), bus back down to Gatwick, flight home. Collapse & sleep!!

So I’ll be back Tuesday, hopefully operating at at least moderate capacity. Any trip across to the US involves about 2 days of mostly ‘dead’ time, what with the double-hop I have to make and the time difference, but it’s worth it; I’m really looking forward to it. 😀