A busy day with NVIDIA & Intel

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Phew, the jet lag certainly isn’t beaten yet. Even though I managed to stay up until about 9:30pm last night before succumbing (remember, this was actually 5:30am according to my body clock), it hasn’t entirely compensated and I’m feeling pretty tired now (6:45pm aka 2:45am). I didn’t notice until I got back just now because I’ve had a really busy and interesting day.

This morning I was at NVIDIA where I had a tour of the campus and some really interesting discussions on a variety of subjects. Anyone reading this blog will know I’ve been a long-time nvidia card fan (even though I have to try to stay impartial, I can’t help it), so this was a cool moment for me. We talked about a lot of things from how we can cooperate in the future to the nuances of material systems design (.fx vs .material and such). Very productive discussions, and I was particularly glad to hear the view that there are several aspects of OGRE’s material system that are regarded as good examples of how other systems like .fx could adopt & learn from in the future. They were also kind enough to complete my GPU Gems collection with books 2 and 3 (I only own number 1, although I have read some articles from a borrowed 2 before). I may need to pay extra baggage charges now though 😉

A couple of guys from Intel joined us for a 3-way joint lunch (a very nice Mexican), after which it was time to head down to Intel’s offices where I did some troubleshooting with them. We spent an afternoon talking about design issues and solving a few problems they’d had with an app using OGRE. By the end of the afternoon we’d resolved all the issues raised so that went very well. I won’t say much about this in detail just at the moment (it’s still under wraps) but it’s really nice to know that people from companies such as this are noticing OGRE and investing time in it.

I had my photo taken at both campuses, but I forgot to bring my camera USB cable so I’ll have to wait until I get home to upload them. Geek tourism rocks. 😉