No pain, no gain

· by Steve · Read in about 2 min · (238 Words)

I finally managed to finish Hard mode of Guitar Hero 2 last night, having decided finally to stop avoiding the nefarious ‘Furious Fretwork’ section (and particularly two hand-shredding  tracks, Carry Me Home and Psychobilly Freakout) and tackle them head-on. I’d avoided them partly because I don’t like the songs that much, and partly because they’re so bloody difficult, but after a week without playing guitar, real or virtual, I figured my hands were as fresh as they were going to be (although I did do a bit of real guitar practice first). Sure enough after a few attempts I blasted through my nemeses and beyond, all the way through the 5 tracks in the final section on the first attempt, even the infamous Free Bird (great song, but cruelly long & demanding - starts mellow, but the super-crazy solo starts 5mins in, and it carries on like that for another 4 minutes).

The result was very satisfying, even though my fretting hand was left contorted and curled up like a leaf in autumn. I’d already beaten a few tracks on Expert (and we’ve tackled a few in multiplayer too, where it’s a little easier), but now it’s my only remaining frontier. To be honest I seriously doubt whether I’ll get to the end of Expert, but then I thought that about Hard mode too - and I noticed that GH3 is delayed until November 30th, so there’s time yet 😕